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Preferred Online Home Décor Stores

Hunting online is so much fun! Who knew we could shop while the kids nap?   When we list an home for sale, we encourage our clients to accessorize their home if it will give it that extra buyer appeal.  Our goal for you is to present a well loved, styled, and cared for home to the world.  These stores will also help you in that endeavor:


Not to be confused with ebay.com, Etsy is a retail space for everything from handsewn pillows to really fun wall art decals, all made by artisans from around the country.

Have you ever seen a fabulous fabric that you could never afford? We have bought everything from sinks to mirrors to coffee tables to fabrics at deeply discounted prices! Happy bidding!

Tile has never been more hip! Check out these great ideas.

Why not spice up a room with the bold look of these tiles?

Want to breathe some new life into your home with old world pieces, but you don’ have time to scour Burnet road for shops? Wisteria is just a click away.

Their crewel work rugs are delicious and their knobs can spice up any dresser drawers. They also sell wallpaper now!

Simple and streamlined. We love their pillows and accessories.

Look for rugs to layer with here and they also have some great accent pieces.

Find unique splashes for your home at Pottery Barn. Of course, the outlet in San Marcos is full of inexpensive treasures- especially for the kids!

Simple Tibetan rugs and light fixtures abound

Great bathroom accessories, tribal rugs, and pieces with an ethnic flare.

Luscious fabric and endless furniture options.

Of course, we can’t forget IKEA.

Madeliene Weinrib is a favorite- though we haven’t been able to splurge on her $600 pillows!

So simple. Look at their room gallery but never pay full price! Shop at their outlet in San Marcos which is located inside the Pottery Barn Outlet.

Not just for clothes! We love their bed coverings especially.

Crate and Barrel’s child. Unique playroom accessories.

Accesorize your home with finds from here.

Love dhurries? You will love the Maharaja Tent Company

There are not too many wallpaper retail stores we have found that carry wallpaper we would actually put on my walls. This site carries many to the trade wallpapers, but you can purchase these direct. 

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